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  1. hey all..just seen the photos..they are fab and bring back a lovely memory..great holiday,smashing people,wish I was still there….hope you all had a safe journey home.ps.if anyone has any other photos I would be so very grateful if you would send them to my email..thanks guys.xxxxx maggie (mrjbt@hotmail.com)

  2. gill@dave , thank you both for a wonderful holiday , the photos are great showing
    the beauty of the wonderful mountains ,and also the beautiful people
    and the fellowship we shared together on all the walks, I also enjoyed
    the Spanish food.I never drank so much water in all my life.
    best wishes to all my friends in the U3A. GOD BLESS.

  3. Dave, great photos, had a brilliant time, holiday exceeded my expectations in all respects. A big thank you to you, Gill and the team. Martyn

  4. We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and the photos are a fantastic reminder. Our thanks to Dave, Gill and the team. Good food, good wine, great company within the team and especially the three dogs!

  5. Ah… The pics look so fabulous (- Dave, you are quite the photographer!)… I miss it so much already and miss everyone so much already! I have many many many photos and would love to share them. I think I’ll set up a flickr page with them on, and then post the link here so people can take them as and when – if that’s the easiest way to go about this? Thank you millón de veces (is that right?!) for such an unforgettable trip. Again, please. Oh and I hope everyone got home safely! Lara Flanagan x x x x x
    (laraflanagan@ymail.com OR l.flanagan@hallettindependent.com)

  6. Gill, Dave and fellow walkers who were strangers and now friends, many thanks for making the days together such happy ones. Best wishes to all, have a great Christmas and 2011.

  7. Great reminder of a sunny happy visit to Spain. We three enjoyed our Winter sunshine break and feel as though it was longer. Thank you for sharing your energy so widely Gill and Dave. Hugs from the Aussies.

  8. A friend and I arrived for the April 2011 walk to join 15 other walkers. 17 of us visitors in total. We were all amazed to learn that 12 of us had been there at other times and had returned without prior agreement.

    No better recommendation can be given for the wonderful holiday offered by Gill and Dave. As one of our fellow walkers said ‘Once you arrive at Malaga you get into neutral gear – it’s all done for you’.

    Gill, Dave, many, many thanks.

  9. Oh, how lovely to see all the fab photos, a lovely reminder of such a wonderful holiday. Thank you all so very much. For me it was an experience of a lifetime, one I shall never forget. Met some lovely people and learnt so much, I must say the food was amazing! I have a few pounds to shed now but what the heck! it was all so worth it. I look forward to visiting again sometime in the future. Thank you Elaine, Jill, Dave, Anna and all that were involved.

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